Spiritual Empowerment

Although large numbers of Kenyan would report they’re Christian, many do not have access to buying a bible and have not heard the gospel. We aim to bring about spiritual transformation to individuals with the ultimate goal of achieving spiritual transformation for the whole community. This is done through Gospel Outreach, Village Discipleship Schools, Intercession, Pastoral Care and Family units.

We do this work alongside the community transformation process as we believe that practical hard work on the ground is an excellent way to show God’s love for the community. We provide pastoral support to youth, the elderly and the family unit as a whole.

Gospel Outreach

The goal of gospel outreach is to advance God’s kingdom by involving all relevant partners in taking the gospel to all our identified areas. Talks and assemblies are held in schools, village meetings and even within the prisons.

Village Discipleship Schools Programme.

The programme is keen to ensure every Christian in the Mission’s catchment area is growing spiritually and getting deeply rooted in Christ. This ensures that people who have been brought up to know Christ by various Christian ministries and churches are mentored spiritually to become mature Christians.

The learners go through a 9-month course, which culminates in a graduation and issuing of certificates. Since the inception of the of the programme, 700 students have graduated and they are progressing well in their spiritual growth.

Intercessory programme.

This programme aims to help the community overcome the enemy, set the captives free from bondage and prepare the community for a great harvest and abundant life. This is done by setting up prayer centres across our Local Transformation Units. We usually hold end-of-the-month prayer and fasting times at HQ and also at the LTUs.

Formation and establishment of Field Units and Local Transformation Units

The objective of the programme is to have well established and functional fellowships and field units. This is done by organising communities alongside biblically tested values, to provide individuals with a democratic space to express their opinions and freely participate in key decision-making processes in issues affecting their day to day life to accelerate community transformation. This is vitally important in trying to avoid local clan or tribal clashes. We aim for unity within the community.