The X Ray Appeal

The current X-Ray equipment at Dreamland Mission Hospital is old, unreliable and expensive to maintain.  It breaks down frequently causing pain, delays in often urgent medical treatment and extra costs transporting patients to the next nearest hospital with X-Ray facilities.  The only space for the current equipment is inside the existing hospital building in a completely impractical room with a doorway too narrow for the hospital beds or wheelchairs.

Buy a Stone

Your £10 donation will cover the cost of the stone, other construction materials and labour.

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We are very excited to announce that on Wednesday 5th May a breaking of the ground ceremony took place at Dreamland Mission Hospital for the new X-Ray building, an exciting and long awaited event!  The X-Ray building will house the desperately needed new X-Ray machine and eventually a CT scanner.

Thanks to generous donations the land has been purchased and work has begun!

The full cost of the project is £108,000 (£57,000 for the new x-ray machine and digital processing, £51,000 for the Building).

The new building will have rooms big enough for a patients bed or wheelchair.

The doorways will be wide enough for hospital beds and wheelchairs.

The new digital imaging system will be cheaper to run.

Once complete Government Health Insurance with cover the running costs.

The site will be easily accessible to ambulances.

Would you consider helping us to make this dream a reality?

There are lots of different ways you can offer your support.


Please support us in prayer as we seek funding to complete the project ASAP.


Organise a fundraising event in your community or online, take part in a challenge such as our Dreamland Walks, be an ambassador and get in touch with your friends and tell them about the project or even present to your church congregation (we can provide everything you need).


Donate £10 and pay for a stone to be laid, your £10 donation will cover the cost of the stone, other construction materials and labour.  If you are interested in donating towards a specific part of the project – the building or the equipment – please do get in touch to discuss your wishes.

Help us build a dream.  Make a real difference. Be part of it.